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Welcome to Art Source New England!

Check out our sketch page where we are featuring a Special Needs artist Ralph L. Baine 1919-2006.  You can also view those pictures at

As you surf our site, you will need to be familiar with a couple of abbreviations.
SNI = Shipping Not Included   SI = Shipping Included   PA = Pickup Available

We have created a web site that allows artists from all over New England and New York to come together to display and sell their art work in one location.  New England has the largest concentration of artists anywhere in the United States, and currently is the only web site that is dedicated to those artists.

For a limited time, any artist located anywhere in New England and New York can post their items on our site FREE of charge for 24 Full Months, that's right two full years.  Additional pieces of art can be displayed at a cost of only $12 per year.  Your art will be displayed with a photograph of the art, description, and your contact information.  In the future we will offer the option to sell the art for you. is your one stop shop for all of your art needs.

In addition to art and artists we will be providing listings for Appraisers, Art Communities, Art Supply Stores, Auctioneers, Art Events/Exhibits/Shows, Galleries and Art Restorers.

We are accepting all kinds of art including (but not limited to) sketch, charcoal, glass, illustrator, metal work, paintings, photographs, pottery, sculptures, junk art and wood. We are also dedicating some art pages to children in different age groups, up through age 17.  These artists would get special pages separate from the other art.

Perhaps you bought some local art years ago and have now bought new art to replace it?  You can re-sell the local art you purchased here on our web site.

Do you have art you have created and would like to share with the world, but are not ready to sell?  We will create a special page allowing you to show off your art (10 listings per person for free) to the world.  Not only will your art be displayed on our web site, but will also be featured on our FB page.

Don't forget to tell the artists and vendors that you found them on Art Source New England.



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Art Source New England is based out of Lynn Massachusetts and Peabody Massachusetts